Cino Zucchi at the 14th Venice Biennale

Cino Zucchi at the 14th Venice Biennale. It will be the Milanese architect Cino Zucchi , one of the most successful Italian designers, the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the next Venice Biennale of Architecture. As always, the choice is hard on the heels of the event which will be inaugurated on June 7th, but the chosen one is challenging this “just in time ” which, as he himself says, ” forces you to trust your feelings to center the problem,” that is, to understand the key to be taken in relation to the overall theme of the Biennale. The organization of a cultural proposal in the Italian Pavilion has always been a subject of debate and even controversy, perhaps because of the complexity in finding keys that are able to fully interpret the theme from time to time proposed. Rem Koolhaas for the setting of national pavilions has provided an intriguing suggestion: absorbing modernity 1914-2014. That is to understand the relationship – even confrontational – between national identities and the modernism and as we see today this phenomenon. ” Cino Zucchi , with his work ‘Grafts grafting’, aims to highlight ‘anomaly’ of a country has always had to deal with a history of weight, where modernity is expressed in ” grafting ” stratified urban contexts. Starting from the ancient Rome of the Pirro Lagorio incisions, mentioning then Michelangelo, he comes to modernism. The graft, says, ” is a key choice to develop the direction suggested by Koolhaas .”
Cino Zucchi is among the most famous Italian designers in the fields of architecture and urban design with an emphasis on the relationship between innovation and interpretation of the context. His projects with Studio CZA, have received numerous awards and commendations and has been published in international journals and books. These include the design of the Former Ceramics Laveno, winner of the private consultation invitation for the above-mentioned industrial area. The reform of this area is a great opportunity to Laveno, which can complete the lakefront boulevard De Angeli with a large garden that reconnects the city center with walks around the headland. The apartments are sold exclusively at the agency Engel & Völkers Laveno.





Laveno Project



Laveno Project