Colour your home. Colour your life.

“A fresh coat of paint always enhances the value of a home and gives the occupants a pleasant experience. If you decide to paint your property before putting it on the market, it is always good to choose neutral colours and tones that would appeal to the majority of people” says Riaan van Deventer, Head of Real Estate at Engel & Völkers Southern Africa.



Once you’ve answered these key questions, the Dulux colour stand can assist you to achieve the mood you wish to create.


The attributes of Dulux’s four colour moods are as follows:Paint, home, colour, life


  • Rich: Located in the top row of the Dulux stand, this mood can best be described as saturated, vivid, dramatic, strong and bold.
    • It’s important to note that a little bit will go a long way in this mood because they are bold and intense shades that produce a dramatic effect. For this reason, they should rather be applied as a feature wall colour, in combination with a suitable neutral from the neutral column on the Dulux colour stand


  • Fresh: Clean, pure, crisp and breezy, this pallet can be found in the second row from the top of the Dulux colour stand.
    • This colour mood creates a sense of enlightenment and energy, which makes it ideal for modern interiors and children’s décor. As these colours contain no black pigment, the lighter spectrum of these shades reflect and enhance light well, making them perfect for small, dark, gloomy or south facing rooms.


  • Warm: Comfortable, cosy and inviting, this colour mood creates relaxed mellow interiors and makes any large room feel welcoming. Perfect for open plan living areas that may feel cold and clinical, the warmth of these colours advance to the foreground, creating an enclosing effect. Now even blues and greens can be cosy and inviting! Take a look at the third row of the Dulux colour stand to achieve this effect.


  • Calm: The bottom row is where you will find these muted, soft, subtle and tranquil shades. These colours are delicate and subtle, with muted grey undertones that bring a sense of serenity into a space.


paint, colour, trends, houseTHE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOUR IN THE HOME

It’s a well-known fact that colour has a significant effect on our psyche as it affects both our conscious and unconscious processes and has a proven influence on the way we behave.



Sonica offers the following advice to homeowners looking to uplift both their mood and home: “Though many connotations are identical (such as the colour red which can be associated with passion, love and even danger), our individual colour experience should be the key factor when applying colour psychology principles in the home.  It should also be taken into consideration that the symbolic meaning of colour can be interpreted very differently by people from different cultures, backgrounds, gender and even geographies.”


“Simply ask yourself what the room will be used for and the type of atmosphere you wish to create. These questions will guide you to choosing the correct colour mood for the room you intend to decorate,” adds Bucksteg.



For interior walls that require a long-lasting, washable and scrub-resistant finish such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and passages, consider Dulux Luxurious Silk. Offering a premium quality, interior mid-sheen finish, Dulux Luxurious Silk promises supreme stain resistance, superior coverage, low odour, as well as a superb appearance with an even, silky finish.


For all interior walls and ceilings where a superior low dirt pick-up is required, you may want to consider Dulux Pearlglo for the job. As atough waterborne satin enamel, Dulux Pearlglo is resistant to household grime and blocks stains. It is knock and chip resistant and non-yellowing, offering superior exterior durability. It is suitable for direct application to new or previously painted plaster, fibre cement or concrete surfaces and is also ideal for cupboards, doors, frames, skirting, toys and furniture.


Riaan van Deventer, Head of Real Estate of Engel& Völkers Southern Africafurther highlights a very important point – “If you are considering a fresh coat of paint to your home, it is essential to understand the negative health aspects in some paints.  There has been a lot of research on this topic, and you should carefully read the label on the paint tin and investigate the particular brand before you buy it.”

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