Culture in Artà on Mallorca

Your property on Mallorca is perfectly situated: Your luxurious villa or humble house lies in the heart of Artà, so you can always get any supplies you need or just enjoy the calm air of the city.

real estate with a big garden in artà on Mallorca

house with nature around in artà


Avid museum-goers, especially those who value the past with its historically defining events, are in good hands in the diverse museums of Artà.


Theatre fans can also look forward to a special theatre experience with the Teatre d’Artà. The building was inaugurated in 2001 to thunderous applause. You’ll already notice it in the entrance hall: The universal acclaim at its inauguration was well-deserved. It seems almost like a hotel from the outside – well-kempt, impressive, and inviting.


The inside of the theatre harbours a great auditorium with approx. 480 seats. But as a patron of the theatre you should not only have enough room to sit, but more importantly allow yourself to be inspired by what’s happening on stage.


To this end, the architects of the theatre employed modern technology to great effect: Thanks to skilfully applied lighting know-how, it’s possible for the technicians to have direct access to the lighting bridge to operate the lights. Which means you can always see everything that happens on stage, with or without glasses.


But what would the theatre be if you could see everything, but couldn’t hear much of anything? The whole arduously conceived and rehearsed play would simply pass you by – your hearing is, next to your vision, you second important companion in the theatre. But the Mallorcan theatre shines here, as well: In the control booth, numerous audio technicians at their mixing desks are responsible for optimal sound and your personal listening experience.


You can leave your coat in the coat room, but hold on to your imagination, because theatre in Artà is only for little dreamers with big visions.


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