A day in the life of an agent

A day in the life of an agentAlthough there is no average day in the life of one of Engel & Vӧlkers’ real estate agents, there’s one word that usually provides an accurate description: busy.

Depending on your location, your role could vary significantly. In the UK and US, real estate agents can be divided into buyer’s agents, representing and assisting potential property buyers; and seller’s agents, helping property owners market their property and sell for the best price possible. Elsewhere, you’ll find yourself playing both parts, often in the course of a single day, giving agents plenty of excitement and diversity in their work.

A buyer’s agent could start the day with an early morning property viewing for a client. Working closely with both seller’s agents and clients means learning to work around other people’s schedules and full-time jobs. You may find yourself rounding off the day with a late-night viewing, too, spending the hours in between previewing properties to make sure they’re appropriate for your buyers. Properties in highly desirable locations such as New York can often be listed as ‘exclusive’, so a buyer’s agent will spend a lot of their time building relationships to ensure their clients are on all the right guestlists.

A seller’s agent’s day may be more sedentary. Knowing your properties inside and out, maintaining good relationships with your clients and colleagues, and keeping up to date on every peak and trough in the local property market are the orders of the day. Marketing properties in a competitive industry takes flair and attention to detail, and may involve using all kinds of media outlets to advertise your properties. During busy periods, you may find yourself only heading to the office to organise your client folders. At quieter times, your desk will be your headquarters for listing your services online, calling clients and acquiring properties.

Whether you work in buying, selling or across the spectrum, reputation is everything. To make sure you’ll be able to work with whoever you want to, you need to ensure that they want to work with you, too. Building up a good rapport with your colleagues is essential to sustainable success. Your clients should also be kept close, so remember that being a good listener and conversationalist is all part of the role. A home is often the biggest purchase a person will ever make, and your clients may well need a lot of advice and reassurance before feeling confident enough to make that all-important investment or part with a treasured property. For both buyer’s and seller’s agents, a successful deal can involve months of back-and-forth between brokers, attorneys, and many other players to ensure that the final deal is in the client’s best interests.

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