Decorating Your First Owned Home

Decorating Your First Owned HomeMoving into your first home is a thrilling transition, especially when it comes to decorating your new space – owning a property allows much more creativity than renting. It may be tempting to get started straight away, but this isn’t always the best strategy in the long term. Take some time to consider the different approaches available before deciding which is best for your situation. Here are a few options for how to go about realising your design dreams.

Take it room by room

If time is no object or you intend to live in the property whilst you redecorate, this is probably the best option. Testing paint samples on the wall of the room you want to decorate lets you see how individual shades interact with the lighting, shape of the room and any existing fixtures and fittings. Remember that each space is unique and what looks amazing in someone else’s home is not guaranteed to work as well in yours. Keep an eye on current interior trends and innovations to ensure you make the best choices, especially in the more frequently used areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also a good idea to discuss your plans with an interior designer to get an expert opinion on anything you may not be sure of.

Make small changes

Even the best laid plans can go awry, so it might be worth focussing on making small improvements to all rooms rather than renovating everything at once. To begin with, you may want to choose a neutral shade for all walls and then decide on specific colour schemes for each room at a later date. Whether you’ve already accumulated most of the key decorative pieces or you’re starting completely from scratch, it’s also important to see how each piece of furniture interacts with its environment – you may find yourself adding or removing pieces as time goes along. This approach works best if you have limited time to spend on the property; small changes can give you a sense of personalisation without the time and effort necessary for a large overhaul. However, it does mean you may be tempted to put off making the bigger decisions, so keep in mind a reasonable deadline for when you want to have finished your dream house.

Dive straight in

Diving in immediately with a full-scale project can work well, but it can also add unnecessary stress for those who regularly work away or have time limitations. If you can’t wait to bring your decor vision to life, planning is absolutely key. Visit your new home ahead of the move-in date, and if possible, have any of the bigger work completed before you settle in. Decide how much external storage you may need whilst the painting and decorating is taking place, and ensure every piece of furniture is accounted for room-by-room. It’s a good idea to treat your ideas as a blueprint, but don’t be afraid to stray from the original plan if inspiration strikes or logistics interfere.

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