You should definitely sell your house when…

You-know-you-should-sell-your-house-when..If your coffee table is piled high with property magazines and most conversations end up centring on real estate, relocating is probably on your mind. However, selling your home is a big decision to make, so it’s natural to want to think things through as thoroughly as possible before you walk into that real estate agency. Whatever your reasons are for considering putting your property on the market, Engel & Völkers are here to guide you through the decision-making process. You should definitely sell your house when:

You no longer call it ‘home’

Objectivity is of paramount importance as a vendor, so chances are you’re ready to sell if you’ve set the personal factors aside and started thinking of your house as something to be marketed. You can test your emotional attachment by beginning to depersonalise rooms, considering the changes you could make to ensure that your home is as attractive as possible to potential buyers. For example, if you’ve got a room that you’ve been using as a home office, now might be the time to turn it back into a bedroom. Approach selling your property as you would any other product, taking your preferences out of the equation. Preparing your house for sale is like setting the stage for a new owner, so if it already isn’t ‘home’ in your thoughts, then it’s time for someone else to move in.

There’s nothing left to redecorate

Your kitchen and bathroom are updated, you’ve de-cluttered your living space and you’re in desperate need of a new project. If you find yourself dreaming of returning to the blank canvas of an unfurnished house, channel your design energy into ensuring that every part of your property looks its absolute best before you put it onto the market. Initial impressions have a significant impact, so pay particular attention to your front garden and façade. Once you’ve ticked all the repair jobs off your list, you can start searching for a new property and get inspired all over again.

You know the value of all your neighbours’ houses

If you’ve found yourself checking the listed values of your neighbours’ homes more than once, that’s a fairly clear sign that you’re feeling your way towards a sale. If you’ve gone one step further and actually had your home valued, then you’ll have an even better idea of your situation. Financial considerations are often the most important factor in timing your move, so assessing where you stand is essential to ensuring a successful sale. After completing your calculations, you can kick off the process feeling confident that you have accurate expectations of the prices involved.

There are already boxes in your hallway

The quickest and easiest sales happen when the owner is both fully committed and well organised. Beginning to clear out anything you wouldn’t want to take to a new home is a fantastic way to put your true feelings about selling your house to the test. If you reach a point when you’re on first name terms with your chosen removal company, you’ll know you’re more than ready to put up that ‘For Sale’ sign.
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