Discovering the Venice Lido

Lido is the long island full of greenery that closes the Lagoon and its boundary where you feel a change in the air; it’s cooler, it’s like a sea breeze: it’s the air of Lido. Here you can be delighted with wonderful views of Venice. The bike is the best mean of transport to move in this thin land strip 12 km long, located between the Adriatic sea and the Venetian Lagoon. In the evening, moving towards south along the seafront lined with trees, passing the famous Hotel Des Bains and the Palazzzo del Conema compound where every September takes place the International Cinema Exhibition of Venice, it is possible to reach the Murazzi, white bastions made of Istria stone built by the Serenissima Republic to defend Venice from the sea. Northwards, if you are a passionate Golf player, you must stop for a visit or a play to the beautiful 18 holes green, headquarters of the historical Venice Golf Club.

Here you can find our best offers in the Venice Lido, a wonderful sea location just few minutes from Venice.



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