A dream house in Santa Eulalia

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Villas, fincas, sea, sun – these words just sound magical to you!  Since you want to be enchanted by this flair, take a look at Ibiza on a search for a suitable property.


Cozy terrace of a Finca in Santa Eulalia surrounded by Palm Trees

Finca under a bright blue sky, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


Now it’s time! Soon you will be able to move into your new villa in Santa Eulalia! The moving truck is already booked, the most important pieces of furniture have already been transported to your finca and the key is already attached to your keychain.


Today, while you were shopping in one of the small but exquisite “mercados” markets, you’ve already managed to show off your new key to the market helpers and said in your still somewhat timid Spanish: “Soon I will be stopping by more often. I live closeby now! I am the happiest owner of a villa here on Ibiza!” The tanned assistant started laughing immediately about their customer’s carefree exuberance.


You appreciate this mentality about Ibiza: People here approach each other joyfully, are openminded and chat with each other once in a while. This is the kind of attitude you had been missing at home. There, people would have just stared at you sideways, if you had even started talking to the supermarket workers, not to mention told them about your new house.


Here in Santa Eulalia, everything’s just more personal and emotionally warmer. The Spaniard’s bright smile always encourages you when you blush at the sound of your uncertain Spanish skills. This will soon change! The purchase of your villa in Santa Eulalia gives you strength and confidence. The longer you’re here, the more will the language simply become a routine.

Nonetheless, before the moving truck arrives tomorrow, you wanted to enjoy the beach and a little sun and get even more tan. Today, you’re going to the beach, that’s located right by your house. Have fun!


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