Your dream mansion in Mallorca – happiness is guaranteed

Finally you’ve found your dream property in Santa Maria. Your house is comfortable, the garden is sizeable. You’ve become curious and would like some more real-life advice from a local? Then you should listen to what Pedro has to tell.

As a native Mallorcan, Pedro knows all the little, precious tips to make any woman in Mallorca happy. On their 20th wedding anniversary, he came up with a very special surprise for his wife: With the words “Para tí, una cadena da perla mallorquína” he gave her a gorgeous Mallorcan pearl necklace.

View from a villa in Santa Maria at the mountains of Mallorca

Terrace of a villa in Santa Maria (Mallorca)

You don’t know perlas mallorquínas but still want to put that same smile on your wife’s or girlfriend’s face that Pedro did on his wife’s? Then just take a stroll around one of the many artisans’ markets on Mallorca. And when your wife is deep in conversation with a merchant about his peach jam and lemon marmalade or is hiding in yet another colourful clothes shop, take the opportunity to quickly vanish into the crowd for a second and start your search.


Perhaps you’ll have to rummage around a little at the different stalls, because this pearl feels just like a unique, true nacreous pearl and is hard to distinguish from artificially produced knock-offs. So don’t give up when it comes to getting this one-of-a-kind gift. If you don’t get lucky on one of the artisans’ markets, be bold and ask a bus driver who knows his way around and may be able to help you.


Maria, Pedro’s wife, also came up with something for their special day: she takes him out to a proper Mallorcan restaurant. As starter, the two of them order pan de figa (olive bread). Since they’re both fish connoisseurs, Maria and Pedro both take pescado fresco (fresh fish), and top it off with arroz con leche (rice pudding).


If you also want to sit in restaurant as relaxed as those two, make your way to Santa Maria – you won’t regret it!


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