A dream of a villa in Canyamel

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Now you’re not just a tourist on Mallorca, but the proud owner of an impressive villa! Your house is situated directly in Canyamel, where you’ll find quite a few unique properties – but your house is by far the most beautiful and stylish, compared to other villas on Mallorca.

View on an outside pool, framed by many trees

View on the sea with outside pool, Canyamel, Mallorca

Probably you are used to many big supermarket chains from your home country, but that is not the case in Canyamel.  Some tourists may view this as a disadvantage, but since you now have your own house in Canyamel on Mallorca, you have a different view of these small things. At first sight, big supermarkets may have advantages: There you’ll have an overwhelming selection of all kinds of food from all over the world.


It doesn’t matter whether you feel more like having bright yellow lemons or a rare type of fish – you’ll have a very diverse selection. This selection will also give you an instant overview of the prices. You can compare these with each other, and choose the best and most fitting products for you.


You lose all these advantages with a small grocer’s shop – but in exchange you’ll get valuable things that are immaterial, yet priceless. The sympathetic look of the clerk and his immediate response if you don’t know an ingredient and are looking around for help.


The loud, heartwarming laughter of the clerk, when he’s talking to an old lady who told him something funny. His loud questions and extensive gesticulation, and the question whether you’re cooking something special today, because you bought something different that your usual groceries. The village gossip about some of the inhabitants who know this or that person that just bought a new ship again.


In such a store, shopping itself is turned into in experience. Here you’ll consciously buy things that know different measures that just the usual price: Here, the grocer from around the corner gets a fair price and thanks you, beaming and with a well-tanned face.


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