Your dreamy new home in the charming town of Mechelen, Antwerp (Belgium)

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You and your real estate agent have been on a long journey to find a perfect and lasting house for you and your family in the picturesque town of Mechelen in the province of Antwerp, Flanders in Belgium. You instantly loved the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in this small city. This is where you want to grow old with your family – in your dreamy luxurious villa with its large property and extensive lawn and garden.


Villa in MechelenA Dream Villa, Mechelen, Belgium


What attracted you to Mechelen is quite obvious – there’s practically no traffic here! You hate traffic! Since there’s only few cars, Mechelen makes for a perfect little pleasant shopping paradise, that instantly convinced your lovely wife. You were both extremely content with the fact that this charming town also offers Your wife instantly loved that there are plenty of shopping opportunities, and your kids will be kept safe and happy with a large variety of parks here.


Once your move is finalized, you can’t wait to just sit back at one of the cute sidewalk cafes in one of the town’s lovely squares and enjoy a cappuccino with some cake. Afterwards you can take a romantic walks with your wife along the promenade, while you can explore the many beautiful 16th century buildings and monuments on the way.


How about a visit to the St Rombout Cathedral? This monument is quite impressive and iconic for the sweet town of Mechelen. Inside is an stunning display of paintings of Flemish peasant life, worth checking out. The top of the 100m tower provides an amazing view of the city of Mechelen and also nearby cities. You might even see the Atomium in Brussels on a clear day. The climb of more than 300 steps is well worth it! Take your kids with you, they will love this place!


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