Dress for success – Stylish in the office despite the rain and the cold

Dress for success - Stylish in the office despite the rain and the coldThe weather in autumn and winter can be merciless: When rain and snow are whipping at the door, it is often a question of how you can turn up at the office looking suitably dressed despite the weather conditions. Those with jobs with customer contact, in particular, such as property consultants need to look appealing and have suitably well-kept clothing.  Read our tips on how to present yourself in a professional manner even on blustery days. 

Choosing the right coat

In principle: A coat should always be longer than the jacket for men and longer than the skirt for women.  Whether trench coat, duffle coat or paletot – regardless of which design you prefer and combine with your business clothing, always look out for premium quality.  Classic materials such as cashmere, loden or bouclé are warm and will see you through more than one winter without fail.  When buying the coat, make sure not to choose one which is too tight so that you are still able to wear a suit or costume underneath. 

Classy accessories

A woolly hat may in fact be warm and snuggly, however it is not suitable for wearing in combination with a suit. A cap is smarter for men, which can act as a reliable form of protection from rain and the wet and, additionally, still looks good. When choosing a scarf, favour those in classy fabrics without a rough knit if you would like to wear it on the way to the office.  Cashmere, fine knit or woven materials complete a bespoke suit and perfect a professional appearance.  Don’t forget to take of your scarf when you get to the office!

An absolute must-have for the cold weather are gloves. What is also important here: No chunky-knit woolly gloves or even mittens. Understand the importance of soft leather gloves in fine nappa leather.  Black gloves are perfect for many outfits, but even colours such as brown or grey look great when combined.  Don’t forget: Please always take off your gloves before shaking someone’s hand! 

The appropriate footwear

Despite the fact that there are countless variations of elegant and smart boots for women, the important thing is: The boots are perfectly suitable for the journey to the office and also withstand puddles but are not official business footwear.  Priority should be given here to pumps, ankle boots or elegant short-cut boots. Plain leather shoes are suitable for men which should protect well against snowy pavements and slush. Don’t forget to waterproof them! It is a good idea to have single-use shoe cleaning wipes ready in the office for extreme cases.  

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