Engel & Völkers Charity: Ninon Völkers opens second school building

In time for the start of the new school year, the moment had finally arrived: Charity President Ninon Völkers officially opened the second classroom building at the Engel & Völkers Charity Primary School in Togo together with her mother Ingrid van Aalst, the village community in Togo and many supporters. 



The past years has seen the completion of two construction projects: in addition to the new school building, there is now also a three-metre high wall that runs around the entire school site. “Providing security for the children is one of the most important objectives of the project,” said Ninon Völkers, wo was presented at the beginning of the year with the “Human Values Award” by the international travel magazine “Condé Nast Traveler” for her dedicated charity work. Moreover, the orphanage on the site is now fully furnished and ready to accomodate children.  


3.-CharityThe official opening of the school building took place with a grant ceremony, followed by a church service of thanks. It was attended by many dignitaries, including representatives from the German Embassy in Lomé. The visitors from Germany wore traditional festive African clothing that had been specially made for the event. Ninon Völkers and her fellow travellers didn’t just come to Togo to mark the opening however. They were there to bring new energy to drive the project forward. “The next building work currently planned is a canteen and a school clinic. We are also considering the possibility of a secondary school or the offer of trainee places”, reported Ninon Völkers. Every year, 20 new children are inducted into the school. Currently, more than 100 conscientious pupils receive lessons are according to the French curriculum from highly educated teachers. With the addition of the secondary school, it is envisaged that 200 pupils will receive qualifications in the medium term.



The Engel & Völkers Charity makes a contribution to the sustainable development of the project and covers all running costs for the school operation. This includes the traditional African school uniforms worn by the children, all teaching materials, the teachers salaries, meals and basic medical care for the children, and the ongoing construction on the school site.4.-Charity


To ensure that even more children Togo can receive a school education in the future, the E&V Charity always delighted to receive donations:


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