Engel & Völkers in international feature film

4InterferenceOn 17 November, filming took place for the international feature film “Interference” in the Engel & Völkers Frauenfeld Shop in Switzerland. A film crew recorded a scene there with the successful Swiss actress Sabina Schneebeli. She performed in the role of a sales advisor at Engel & Völkers. The film “Interference” is a dramatic comedy. It is about two half-brothers who set out to get to know one another on a short holiday in Saas-Fee, in Switzerland. In a fatal twist, they both develop an interest in the wife of their half-brother.

“It was all very exciting”, reported Licence Partner Nicole Flammer from Engel & Völkers Frauenfeld. When we received the call from the production company we agreed to take part straight away of course.” She added: “We were on set for the whole day. Our meeting room was turned into a dressing and make-up room and we made ourselves useful throughout by acting as doubles for lighting and positioning checks. It was great fun.”




Sabina Schneebeli shot to fame in the starring role in the film “Die Direktorin”. Since then she has been a regular face on the big and small screen in the German-speaking world, also playing alongside the German actress Franka Potente in the film “Baba’s Song”.

The four main characters in the film “Interference” are the Canadian Matthew Smiley, the American Derek Dean, the Irishwoman Irin Alicia Gerrad and the native Swiss lady and former Miss Switzerland Nadine Vinzenz. She lives in Los Angeles and stars, amongst other shows, in American TV series such as “CSI New York”. The most famous member of the cast is most certainly Jürgen Prochnow, who found international fame in the leading role as the submarine captain in “Das Boot”.

You can find out more about the film “Interference” at http://www.interference-themovie.com

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