How to ensure your real estate agent can be considered trustworthy

Have you hired the best possible real estate broker?


How to ensure your real estate agent can be considered trustworthy

A property is often the most valuable thing a person will own, so it’s understandable that selling a house can be a complex and even emotional task. Knowing that you’ve hired the best possible real estate broker will help you to have confidence that you’re following the right processes throughout the transaction.


The first thing to understand is exactly why it’s so important to hire a real estate agent. The biggest benefit is that the agent will be completely dedicated to selling your property. It’s your agent’s full time job to broker deals, hunt for buyers and keep appointments, so they have the dual motivation of professional pride and earning their commission. While they’re doing this you can concentrate on your own projects, safe in the knowledge that your property is in good hands.

Experienced real estate agents have a wealth of connections in the local industry and should be able to find properties and buyers quickly and efficiently. They will also be trained in the legalities of selling and buying a home, which will prove to be indispensable during the negotiation process. Their role as the middleman prevents any differences of opinion from causing offence, presenting every proposal in impartial, tactful language.

It’s always best to meet and interview potential real estate agents in person, as this allows you to assess their suitability and judge for yourself their commitment, charisma and expertise. However, in reviewing their personal credentials, don’t forget to consider the credentials of the firm associated with their real estate licence. Agents who work for established companies are representing a brand with a reputation to uphold, and are therefore likely to be very good at their job. It’s also worth looking at their career history within the brokerage: Top agents will be happy to discuss their sales record with you and show testimonials from previous clients.

If possible, hire a real estate agent with direct experience in your locality. If the agent knows your neighbourhood inside and out, then they’re going to be more effective at marketing your property to people who are thinking about moving to the area. The same is true when you’re considering a purchase: find a real estate agent who knows the area that you’re moving to, as they will be able to offer you candid advice about local neighbourhoods and desirable areas.

The best real estate agents are excellent communicators and will make you confident in their ability to negotiate on your behalf. A friendly personality is also beneficial, as your broker will be showing potential buyers around your home and needs to convey authority, enthusiasm and honesty. You will potentially be spending a lot of time with your agent, so it’s important to like them as a person.

Finding the right real estate agent could be as simple as speaking to Engel & Völkers. Our highly qualified agents have all the skills required to make your sale a success, and each one upholds the high standards of our internationally trusted brand name. With agencies around the world, all our licence partners are experts in their local markets. Visit us in person or online for more information.

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