Eupen and your Dream House

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You’d like a one of a kind villa in Belgium with an apartment and a large territory. You and your real estate agent have already viewed a few Properties and plots of land. In Eupen is where you’ve finally found what you were looking for!


If you’re looking for a special Event in Eupen, you won’t be disappointed in the month of October: The Festival liteifel offers an opportunity to laugh and reminisce, dream and discuss. Starting in September throughout the month of October, authors present their novels and perform their scripts and try to gain attention for their work.


Front view of a luxury property in Eupen, with indirect lighting, a landscaped garden and a car in the driveway

High Standard Property in Eupen, Belgium


If you’re expecting exclusively adult authors, you’ll be positively surprised! It’s within the liteifel festival’s Youth Project 2014 that the very first German Poetry Slam will finally take place in Eupen on November 8th, 2014.

Are you familiar with the Poetry Slam? Many young people and experienced authors present their works here together. The scripts get judged by an independent jury that is part of the audience. Here, it’s about captivating the listeners in order to qualify for the next round.

Altogether the Slam consists of three rounds, and the presenter with the lowest score gets eliminated.


Thoughtful poems are much desired as lively short stories. But in the end the audience decides which of the many genres corresponds to the current trend. Look forward to a colorful text mixture! You might even find your new favorite author here in Eupen’s Poetry Slam!


There’s always something going on In Belgium and especially in Eupen! There are many gorgeous villas that need a new owner. You can feel special with the purchase of a property in Eupen, since only those who come and buy first will be guaranteed a new house and a new home.


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