In Eupen, your dream of a villa of your own will come true

You can find our real estate portfolio for Eupen and environs here 


There were many properties and apartments you and your family looked at until you finally found a property with the right house, just as you imagined it. Your real estate agent really put his heart into finding you the perfect piece of real estate – and he finally found what you were looking for here in Eupen.


Eupen offers so many unique opportunities for trips and activities that you may not even know where to start. But one thing is certain: There’s something here for the whole family.


View on the winter garden and sun terrace of an exclusive villa in Eupen

Villa with sun terrace and winter garden, Eupen, Belgium


To really put the cherry on top of a day full of leisure, you can make your wife very happy: Having a stroll through the city is simply part of a perfect day for her. Just you volunteering to take her out into town will put a smile on your wife’s face. After all, how many men volunteer for a shopping spree?


But you are no ordinary husband, and you have a mind for extraordinary ideas. Because you know exactly that your wife not only loves to occupy the fitting room with an army of dresses you’ll have to hold – no, she has a special love for flea markets. And for that, there’s nothing better than taking a trip to the city centre for Night-time Shopping in Eupen. The next Eupen Evening Flea Market takes place on July 5, from 4 to 10 p.m..


Be it antique vases, high-quality floral bedclothes or new, cerulean tableware: Your wife will return with many well-preserved finds. Perhaps you’ll even find a little thing or two for yourself – how about a flamboyant paisley tie?


Your children are sure to find something here, as well: Many people sell their old games or funny posters your children will really want to have. Usually your children complain whenever you take a stroll through the city – even with some ice cream to keep them busy they just find it far too boring to go from shop to shop. But the flea market is guaranteed to entertain your children – here, they’ll find great trinkets they can buy with their allowance.


Our exclusive real estate portfolio in Eupen and environs can be found here.