E&V employee no. 5,000 takes up post in South Africa

Posted by Team Global Corporate Communication on August 25, 2014.

Engel & Völkers continues to grow: Since the beginning of August there are now 5,000 employees working at one of the world’s leading service companies. “We are very proud of the fact that we have managed to convince so many people of our credentials. This figure is clear proof that we have firmly established ourselves as an attractive employer in the industry,” said Maria-Paz Millan, Head of Human Resources.


 Jo Mitchell_Mitarbeiterin Nr. 5000 bei Engel & Völkers



Jo Mitchell, Sales Advisor at E&V Southern Suburbs in South Africa, is the 5,000th employee of Engel & Völkers

The 5,000th Engel & Völkers employee was hired in South Africa. She is Sales Advisor Jo Mitchell at E&V Southern Suburbs: “I have just started my work at E&V and I’m becoming more and more impressed by the company as time goes by. The targets I have set myself are high and I am very pleased that E&V is assisting me in achieving these goals with a pleasant working environment, a structured system and various training opportunities.”

Craig Hutchison, Master Licence Partner in South Africa, added: “We are constantly building on our market share here in South Africa. So we require new sales advisors on a continuous basis. Over the past three years we have hired over a hundred new sales advisors and we now have 34 shops spread across key locations in South Africa, with the 35th shop opening in the Western Cape Northern suburbs in October.”   Maria-Paz Millan commented as follows: “It is our shops and offices in Spain and the USA that have contributed most to this high growth in employee numbers. In the Metropolitan Market Center, known as the MMC, in Barcelona alone, there are now more than 150 sales advisors, and the recruitment process is in full swing in the new MMC in Madrid as well. 50 advisors have been hired already although the MMC has not even formally opened yet. In the USA, competitors on the market are being incorporated into the E&V brand time and again in the form of a “conversion” agreement. In such cases, an established property company switches over with all its employees to become part of Engel & Völkers. An example of this was the opening of E&V Buckhead Atlanta in June. Managing Partner Shirley Gary brought a team of 37 employees with her.”

“This figure of 5,000 employees shows that we are already well on the way to achieving our goals. That said, we remain permanently on the lookout for top sales advisors for our shops and commercial offices. We are anticipating that we will have 11,000 employees worldwide by the end of 2018. The rise in employee numbers is expected to be especially high in Spain, Italy, France, North Amercia and in the MMCs in general,” said Sven Odia, Member of the Board of Engel & Völkers, giving an outlook for the future.

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