An exclusive house in Spa in Belgium

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You’ve really hit it lucky with the city of Spa in Belgium: Amidst the many other tasteful houses, your real estate agent presented you with a villa and property that really spoke to you and your tastes. The other houses in Spa are, like yours, complete with well-tended properties. You can look forward to your move into the new apartment!

View on an elegant, tasteful, authentically renovated 18th century castle in Spa

Castle with style, Spa, Belgium

Spa – you’ve probably heard that name a few times in connection with wellness and relaxation. This name doesn’t only refer to a city in Belgium, but also to a whole outlook on life. You’ve become curious? Then allow us to take a small detour and look at the term spa! That way, you can give an interesting presentation to your friends on the province and its special name.


That’s because Spa is more than just a town in the idyllic country of Belgium – it’s your personal oasis for embarking on a new stage of your life. Spa is more than just the the place where your house happens to be, the house with the beautiful property is just a small part of the big bicture you want to begin and build here.


The name spa is an abbreviation of the Latin aphorism “sanem per aquam”, whicht means “health through water”. Be it a simple foot bath, or relaxed well gymnastics or a hearty bar visit – anyone will find these health activities appealing.


But spas are not all the same, there are different types: “Ayuverda spa” or the “portable spa”, for example. Ayurveda means “knowledge about life”. In this type of spa, it’s not only the body that is considered an import part of human beings, but also the soul. Only a comprehensive consideration of both forces can enable true and lasting recovery. What does that mean in the field? You’ll have to take pot luck, we won’t give anything more away!


The “portable spa” may not have the same name recognition, but it’s still an invention of pure luxury. This term describes movable whirlpools! If your friends don’t have time to visit you, just bring the spa to your friends! With this flexible form of relaxation you’re right on top of today’s zeitgeist.


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