An exclusive villa in Pollensa

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Many people dream of owning a property on Mallorca. You can afford the luxury of a villa in Pollensa. The house that you chose for yourself suits your lifestyle perfectly: look forward to special moments in your own ranch house.


For many travellers, Spain is the land of sun, famous for its captivating bullfighters that spellbind their audience as they perform with the red rag and the bull. The cocktails are as fresh and varied here as the different fish dishes that the charming restaurants sell along the waterfront.


The winter garden of a property in Pollensa overlooking the outdoor pool

Impressive countryside properties in Pollensa, Mallorca


In one sense, visitors to Mallorca are partly right: every day brings with it a new dawn. Yet if you’d like to live in Pollensa, these moments of spontaneous happiness aren’t enough to justify a decision to buy a villa or a ranch.


Of course, the area around your property is important, as is the language, but the most important of all is the cultural heritage that defines a location and its way of life. The history of a place tells a story about its background and its possible future. Culture lets you get to know a country better.


Take a trip to the Sant Doménec monastery for instance. The best way to reach the monastery is on foot. The courtyard and the cloisters are particularly worth seeing.


In the silence that reigns here, you’ll become aware of the fragility of the past – but also how stable life is here. The monks’ prayers somehow seem to hang in the air here and put you in a contemplative mood. At today’s fast pace, this tranquil experience is so simple yet absolutely essential.


If you still have time after this excursion, you can also visit the stone bridge at Pont Romá, which dates from Roman times, or enjoy a walk to the church known as Església de Nostra Senyora del Roser.


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