The Most Expensive Apartments in Manhattan Part II

Closer than ever before! Our Junior Expansion Manager, Annika Osche, is going to New York City on a tour of discovery. Every Wednesday, over the weeks to come, she will be reporting her experiences in the Big Apple and with the US property market. Here, she shares her experiences with us and talks more about the highlights of her time abroad. Today she submits the second part of The Most Expensive Apartments in Manhattan!

OscheAn-medium“Six properties, along the path of the most expensive real estate in Manhattan, remain up for sale. Last week, in the first part of the series, we learnt, among other things, about the Mark Hotel penthouse, which Stefano Gabbana is interested in, the most expensive house in Manhattan with 1850m² floor space as well as the “world’s most powerful address”. Now we come to six further properties of a special sort. Including, for example, Tommy Hilfiger’s penthouse for sale.

So you don’t lose track, here is another map of our route. Today we will start with the second section of the Columbus Circle and arrive at Fifth Avenue via Midtown, Manhattan.

Die teuersten Wohnungen Manhattans Teil II

Ultimate vista with 360 degree floor to ceiling windows (Time Warner 25 Columbus Circle)
Number 8 on the sales list for the top 10 most expensive real estate, is a penthouse, built in 2003, spanning the entire surface area of a single story with over 740m² floor space (8000ft²) costing 68 million us dollars. Multiple 100m² floor to ceiling windows provide a complete panoramic view of all of New York. Whoever purchases the penthouse, will likewise enjoy the amenities of a 24 hour doorman, a concierge service, ample parking spaces in the basement garage, a fitness studio, six bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms and the service of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

All information about the apartment with the extraordinary view.



The Octagonal Penthouse (150 W 56th Street)
Here is the second most expensive purchasable address in Manhattan. For 100 million us dollars, you can purchase an octagonal, luxury penthouse with three stories. Via the private elevator, you will arrive in the large 743m² (8000ft²) apartment with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a total of 135 windows. The main bedroom covers an entire floor, has a bathroom with hunter green marble and bronze fixtures and an enchanting circular terrace with a 360° view of Manhattan. The entrance hall is reminiscent of Versailles and the enormous chandelier is included in the price.

One story lower, there is an extra guest apartment and the penthouse also includes a private wine cellar.

Take a look at the Penthouse with eight corners.

  25 E 77th St - b 25 E 77th St - e


Tommy Hilfiger is selling his penthouse (1 Central Park South)
The sixth most expensive property in Manhattan is a penthouse, charming of the early 20th century yet still equipped with modern benefits. It’s located on the two upper most floors of the famous Plaza Hotel, built in 1907. According to CNBC, Tommy Hilfiger is looking to sell his 557m² (6,000ft²) penthouse with a direct view of Central Park for 80 million us dollars. Five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, an elevator, a spacious terrace and a private entrance are complemented by a gateman, 24 hour round the clock service from the hotel and inclusive maids and servants.

In the video: Dive right in to the fashion designer’s abode.

 12 E 69th St teuerste Immobilie Luni 2014 laut Zillow- d - Kopie12 E 69th St


All-inclusive living (781 5th Avenue)
In the Sherry-Netherland hotel can be found the fifth most expensive apartment, currently up for sale in Manhattan. For 95 million us dollars, you can obtain 15 luxurious rooms, from which you can see Central Park, the Upper East Side, Midtown and the Empire State Building. Spanning 650m² (7000ft²) there are, among other things, seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a fire-place, a boudoir, walk-in closets and multiple terraces. The new owner of the penthouse will incur additional service and operating costs of $54,000 per month. Included in the price however are the amenities of the hotel such as room, concierge and household service.

Live with a view of the Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan – exclusive pictures.

Additional information (admittedly from 2012) about the luxury apartment in the Sherry-Netherland hotel.

  15 Central Park West - b


Two luxury apartments in the same building (795 5th Avenue)
We now arrive at the last building on our tour of special properties. The elegant Pierre hotel currently houses two of the most expensive apartments in Manhattan. Number 7 on the list is for sale for 70 million us dollars and number 4 can be bought for 95 million us dollars. Both apartments have 16 rooms at their disposal and, in addition, offer a concierge and household service as well as access to the fitness studio. The more expensive apartment of them both is the hotel penthouse which extends over the top three floors and offers and 360° view of Manhattan and Central Park. In addition, the penthouse contains the former ballroom of the Pierre hotel, a private elevator, guest suites and accommodation for attendants.

Go behind the scenes in one of the two luxury apartments!

  15 Central Park West - b


Five things can be concluded about the ten most expensive properties in Manhattan:

1.    Nearly all the apartments have one thing in common: a breath-taking view of New York City and Central Park.
2.    Either the view and/or the location is the primary selling point
3.    Five of the apartments are penthouses on the highest floors of top class hotels
4.    The first impression of the house is not necessarily indicative of the apartment’s exclusivity
5.    All of the apartments offer top class facilities

I hope that this little tour of Manhattan has been as fun for you as it was for me and I look forward to showing you a few neighbourhoods, in the coming weeks, which tend to be forgotten after an initial visit to NYC.

Until next week,


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