Your fancy villa in Santa Maria on Mallorca Island

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In Santa Maria on Mallorca is where your new house will be located soon. Surrounded by sun, sand, sea and stylish fincas, you’ve chosen a property here.


View from a finca in Santa Maria over the spacious property with pool and palm trees

Finca with a spacious estate, Santa Maria, Mallorca


In Santa Maria, there’re not just your typical tourst gatherings with countless sights. Eventhough it’s rather quiet in Santa Maria, however that does not spoil the recreational character of thos place. It’s quite the contrary: Depending on what you have planned for the day and how busy you get, every day can be quite different and still be beautiful.


It’s simple – you don’t always have to take crazy trips or follow some extraordinary hobbies, in order to relax. Enjoying life, doing things, that you need to do, and staying happy – that’s what matters to you.

After a successful day at work, you can look forward to the return to your villa!


The day is over you can live out even more by picturing yourself sitting in your finca in Santa Maria, next to a good book, freshly squeezed orange juice and a unique sea view right outside your window.


Of course, your friends are also visiting you in your newly purchased house. Besides looking forward to the splendor and comfort of your finca, they are also looking forward to exploring the surroundings of Santa Maria. Regularly, your sunny Sunday mornings are dedicated to a trip to the church of Santa Maria.


The church is sort of a landmark in Santa Maria and one of the few attractions. You might also visit the the Monestary of the Convento de los Minimos, if you can squeeze that in.. It is worthwhile in any case.


However, it’s of course most important to your friends to come visit You. That’s all that matters. Friendships and hospitality are priceless unlike your fancy villa.


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