Fantastic Finca in San José

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You’ve found your dream house on Ibiza! You’ve considered many properties, some villas and fincas made it onto your list of favorites. Now you’ve picked a marvelous Finca in San José,! Enjoy your new Property!


Ibiza is the city of dreams and luxury. You’re one of those people who appreciate the very island that’s also popular with tourists. Yet you aren’t just looking to spend your vacation in San José, and to live in a finca for only a few weeks. You want to wake up in your own villa with an amazing view in Ibiza every day. There are plenty of gorgeous Real Estate properties here, and now you’ve finally found the perfect Finca for yourself.


Mansion in the first sea line in San José

Villa with a one of a kind view of the sea, San José, Ibiza


While you were getting ready for your big move, you’ve learnt from friends and family members that many people choose Ibiza as a travel destination to bake on the hot beach in the morning, and to spend the nights wearing their hottest outfits at the most luxurious clubs of the Island. Nonetheless, for you, Ibiza is more than just this type of fun.


Your goal is to get to know the locals, the location and the Ibiza culture, and to improve your Spanish. You will notice how many guests at many of the local stores and restaurants address the business owners in English – even when you visted San José, once, you’ve always tried to speak the local language. Nowadays, you’ve gotten pretty good at it: When you are about to order something at a bistro, it’s become natural to place your order in Spanish. Lately, you’ve even managed to do so without having an accent.


Today you’ve taken a trip to Cala Vadella – a gorgeous coast with numerous activities. A diving school is located here, offering the discovery of the aquatic world of Ibiza to those who are brave enough to try it. If you’re not as courageous, you can surely enjoy the coast of Vadella from above the water surface: Using small, nice padde boats you will be able to move along the water skillfully and even have a nice view of all the happy visitors, boutiques and restaurants.


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