“Fermo Immagine,” the art from 2009 to 2014 by Croce Taravella in exhibition in Palermo

The artist Croce Taravella from Polizzi Generosa is returned in Palermo with her exhibition “Fermo Immagine”, directed by Lea Mattarella. The inauguration has taken place on April 12 at the Foundation Sant’Elia in Via Maqueda 81 in Palermo.


The exhibition keep its doors open until the 23 May and there are over 50 creative works, which add color to the noble rooms of the palace. The artist has managed to portray the perspective of a traveler and her works are truly an invitation to travel. “Fermo Immagine” reflects snapshots of the interior of the Roman Taverns; a clear memory of a Vucciria, that no longer exists; and Mediterranean Cities and Towns, which have left their mark in the life of the artist.


Croce Taravello 4


Croce Taravello 2


Croce Taravello 3


The exhibition is organized by topics and the very different materials and techniques play the main role. There are also cartoons, fresco models, such as the Cathedral of Noto, as well as selected works by Vittorio Sgarbi, that were exhibited in the Italian Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale and tell of strange worlds inclusive fantastic architecture, often outside the range of the normal life. The whole thing is a result of visionary encounters between the artist and the painting.


At some of these great works, such as the one in aluminum, Taravella had worked for a long time. The works are full of transformations, colors and scratches. “Closed in her studio in Rome” – wrote Lea Mattarella – “a wonderful retreat in the middle of the city, Taravella reminds me on protagonists of the volcano work, which had exercised their art in the rooms of the building Schifanoia in Ferrara.”



Tuesday – Saturday 9.30 to 13.30 and 16.00 to 19.30 o´clock

St. Elia – Foundation , Tel. 091 662 82 89

Ticket € 3.00 – Reduced € 2.00 (students, over 60 years)


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