A finca in Inca on Mallorca

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Your property on Mallorca now truly belongs to you. You can look forward to many wonderful experiences in Inca’s surroundings as well as your villa. Because even the most terrific flat is nothing compared to your fancy house. You can proudly invite your friends to a cosy get-together here.

A finca in Inca with terrace, sun umbrella and sun chairs.

Finca surrounded by green, Inca, Mallorca

Speaking of friends: After years of waiting, four of them finally decided to emigrate together. It had to be some place by the sea – with many local attractions and opportunities for activities and day trips. In the end, Mallorca became the destination. Because all friends are united in one thing that made Inca the perfect dwelling place for the new finca: drinking and enjoying wine.


One of the “wine friends” happened to find the little town of Inca in a tourist guide. The guide told of the so-called “cellers” or “cellers de vino”. These are typical restaurants situated in a cellar – surrounded by wine casks and still lifes of grapes, you can relax, dine, and drink. Mallorcan types of grapes like for example “Moll” or “Manto Negro” are a unique taste experience for you, one that you soon won’t want to miss again.


If the friends want to relax a little and aren’t busy exploring the surroundings of Inca, they often take long walks in the countryside: Alcúdia or Palma de Mallorca, the friends feel at home everywhere on the island.  


Since these senior citizens don’t have to work any more, they spend their days in and around the finca just how they like them best. Not having time for a quick break or having to reschedule things – they don’t know that kind of stress. Here in Inca every day is like a vacation for them. And this attitude is not just courtesy of the sun: On Mallorca, they’ve adopted the light-heartedness and easygoingness of the locals.


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