A finca just for you in Llucmajor on Mallorca

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Now you’ve finally found your dream property on Mallorca – complete with the perfect atmosphere. In Llucmajor, you’re mobile anytime and always at the heart of life: Mallorca is, after all, known for exuberant parties – and yet, reducing Mallorca only to its nightlife wouldn’t do it justice. And that’s exactly why you didn’t choose the capital Palma de Mallorca, but rather Llucmajor.

View on a modern finca in Llucmajor with a pool and surrounded by palm trees.

Newly built Finca with style, Llucmajor, Mallorca

Here, you’re not living in isolation, but still with taste and far away from the bustle of the capital, in your unique villa. And that was exactly the reason for buying real estate in Llucmajor: Finally you can enjoy the finer parts of Spain without being constrained.


But how can you connect with people in a new city like Llucmajor? As foreigner/immigrant you may have a solid command of the Spanish language, but every new beginning is hard, especially if you don’t want to make a lot of mistakes.


How can you get the latest news about what’s happening in the city, without looking at a newspaper. How can you best integrate yourself on Mallorca The answer actually sounds fairly simple, almost too banal to be of any use, even: Visit the weekly market in Llucmajor. Here you can test your language skills in between tomatoes and fragrant bread.


Most times you don’t even need to communicate, it’s enough to just vaguely smile in the direction of a merchant and you’ll immediately get a response and won’t have any choice but to react. A short discussion about the daily offers in the morning will improve your ability to express yourself and lighten your purse at the same time.


And back at your home, you’ll be able to conjure a wonderful lunch menu using your newly obtained items.


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