Finca on Mallorca close to flora and fauna

If you buy property here, Santanyi will, in return, immediately gift you a number of adventures in nature. It doesn’t matter whether you want to call a whole villa or just a comfortable house your own: First and foremost, you want to live in an environment that suits you.

A spot of land, untouched by mankind, and still preserved in its natural aesthetic – in the natural reserve of Parc natural de Mondragó in Santanyi this has become reality. Here, flora and fauna show off without any special effects. The air is much cleaner, much clearer, and much more relaxing. Birds you might otherwise know only from TV happily chirp their songs – but watch out: You might want to whisper, perhaps even keep completely quiet, or you might scare these unique birds away. You respect this environment by keeping your peace and, at the same time, discover the merits of silence.


Look at a property with a pond in Santanyi

House and grounds in Santanyi


Here, life grinds even rock down – admittedly, the result is not straightforward and flawless, but just right for sportive activities: Deep Water Solo. Never heard of it? Then it’s about time! Deep Water Solo is also known as Free Solo Climbing. Whether you’re an ambitious extreme athlete or just do it as a hobby, this activity requires you to know yourself and your limits very well. Without aid and without a marked path you scale giants made of rock. The only way to hang high above sea level for any amount of time is to stay focused and keep your cool.


The azure ocean stretches below you, you are a part of the endless blue sky, and the cool ocean breeze blows around you – you won’t soon find an existential experience like that anywhere else.


The rock bridge Es Póntas in Santanyi was formed by nature: Eroded stone and breaking waves combine to create bridge-shaped rocks that are perfectly suited for Deep Water Soloing. Es Pontás is a veritable milestone of Free Climbing: It was here that Chris Sharma completed the world’s most difficult free solo climb in 2006.


You’re not quite as daring and somewhat sceptical? Don’t worry, if you’re tired, just let go: You will simply dive into a turquoise surface and feel pleasantly refreshed.


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