The flow of wealth

These are the cities that the world’s super-rich spend their money on real estate:


According to the Savills World Research’s report ‘Around The World In Dollars And Cents’ ultra-high-net-worth individuals favour investing in real estate in certain places that may be abroad but also within their global region, close to ‘home’.

The trend says:

  • North and Latin Americans both tend to stick to the US real estate market and purchase properties in the coastal areas of North America.
  • Europeans may purchase in one of Europe’s hot spots but are most likely to invest in a luxury island resorts in the Caribbean and the Far East as well as Canada and the US.
  • London as a distinctive luxury real estate market attracts the super rich investors from all over the globe.


Find the relevant cities displayed on the map attached to this article. The study reports a clear tendency to certain metropoles such as New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the US, Monaco, London and Moscow in Europe and Asian cities such as Hongkong, Sydney, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and some in India. All of these promise a stable real estate market ensuring their investments’ profit.

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