Fundació Joan Miró – “The Master of Surrealism” in Palma


The Spanish artist Joan Miró is considered one of the most important surrealist artists of the last century and spent a large part of his working life as an artist and sculptor in Palma de Mallorca. A visit to the “Foundation Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca“ is a must for all art lovers and is located in an area on Palma’s city outskirts of Marivent/Cala Major near the Spanish Royal Family’s Marivent Palace.

Miró had a strong bond with Mallorca as both his mother and his wife were native islanders. In 1954 a friend of Miró, a Harvard professor called Josep Lluís Sert, built the artist’s workshop and museum in accordance with the artist’s personal wishes. Miró was very interested in creating a place where people could be inspired and where they could explore art. The white, clear cubical shapes underline this concept Sert installed blue, red and yellow doors to provide contrast to the white walls. The interplay of colours is in keeping with Miro’s style and his art.

Miro shared a lifelong friendship with Picasso; both of whom had emigrated from Spain to Paris where they met in 1920. When Miro put his roots down in Mallorca Miro_Werk_2Picasso regularly visited his old friend here. In 1981 Miro and his wife, Pilar Juncosa, generously bequeathed  Miro’s studio (the Sert Studio and Son Boter) along with paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints, a collection of documents and his personal library to the Foundation. The Miro Foundation houses a magnificent display of the artist’s colourful paintings, sketches and intriguing sculptures. In total the collection features 118 paintings on canvas, 275 mixed media pieces, 1512 drawings, and 35 sculptures,as well as prints. A highlight of the visit is to see inside the great artist’s studio where everything has been preserved as he left it when he died. Inside the main building, the so called “Espacio Estrela” (the star hall) covers a large space of around 600 m² and is where the majority of his work is exhibited. In addition to all the great artworks, the Foundation features a library, a documentation centre, workshops, rooms for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and a cafeteria. Outside in the grounds the visitor can also see a diverse range of Miró sculptures. 

Whether you are fan of his work or not, the Miro Foundation is well worth a visit!


Maler Joan Miro, MallorcaJoan Miró was born in 1893 in Barcelona, where he spent most of his childhood and youth.  He later lived in Palma de Mallorca, Paris and Mont-Roig del Camp for many years.  He was always closely linked to Barcelona where he retained a studio in his parents’ apartment until 1956. Years later he permanently moved to Mallorca, where he finally built his famous studio. He started his artistic career at a young age and at that time against the wishes of his parents.  Miró studied in various places including the Barcelona Academy of Arts which Pablo Picasso also attended.  After several failures in 1930 he had an international breakthrough in the U.S. and in other European countries. Joan Miró died in 1983 in his adopted hometown of Palma de Mallorca, where he is also buried.

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