The Garden

The garden is that place where we relax.

No Emails, text messages, Facebook nor Twitter – just being. Relaxing can be caring for the garden or just sit and enjoy.

Some say it’s a place to escape from reality, but why not think of it the other way around – it’s the place where we go to reality. A place we can go and get away from all the day to day problems we invent for ourselves.

The garden is a very personal place and what we do with it, but to be able to watch things grow, of their own accord is one of them things in life. That we plant them and care for them and they also just… grow. Gardening is as much about letting chaos reign as it is about containing it.

At Engel & Völkers Altea you can find many properties with fantastic gardens and just one example is this High Quality Villa with a Beautiful Garden where one can sit back, relax and sip in the Mediterranean climate…