Gent – where the house of your dreams awaits

You can find our real estate portfolio for Gent and environs here.


For you, the deciding factor when buying real estate is that your villa is built on a beautiful property. Of course the individual rooms of your house or flat have to be tastefully decorated – and it’s not an easy decision, with Belgium’s many magnificent properties and gorgeously furnished flats.

Medieval harbour in Gent with a view on numerous house fronts

Medieval harbour, Gent, Belgium

By day, you can already do a lot here in Gent, even if you leave your villa. If don’t merely want to stroll through the beautiful town core, but also want to take a break away from all the noise, one of the great parks of Gent would be perfect – for example Citadel Park.


If it doesn’t need to be quite as exclusive, you might also consider taking a walk to the City Park. Here you can sit on a bench and enjoy the present – between birds singing and the green surroundings it’s a calm oasis of serenity. As beautiful as Gent is in its diversity: Far away from all the sight-seeing, the City Park is a good choice to just have some time for yourself and get away from it all.


You don’t have any plans for the evening yet and don’t really know what you want to do? Then how about you just wait until dusk falls and you can admire the city lights at night!


Does that sound strange to you? It shouldn’t! Gent is famous for its amazing city lighting. If somebody said “illumination” you might think of an artfully lit church or carefully lighted park, but probably not a whole city! Allow yourself to be enchanted by Gent’s illumination! This doesn’t just include lighting closed rooms but also spotlighting objects from a (shorter or longer) distance.


This may be done exclusively with artificial light or even include day light as a light source in a comprehensive approach. The whole concept is then recorded in a so-called lighting master plan. It might sound a little strange and abstract in the beginning, but once you’ve seen this lighting spectacle with your own eyes, all explanations will simply give way to fascination as you walk through the streets of Gent.


And if you’re lucky, you’ll even see the occasional gleam in the eyes of your fellow citizens beneath the shining lights. Allow yourself to be enchanted – by your property, your new home and many new experiences in Gent.


You can find our exclusive real estate portfolio for Gent and environs here.