A Golfer’s Mind

A golfer knows that the physical part is only a small part of the game.golf In Golf, if we analyze it, the swing only lasts about five seconds. In the four hours approximate that a game of golf lasts, what is purely physical is not more than five or ten minutes (depending on the number of hits for each player). This corresponds to, roughly, 5% of total playing time. The remaining 95% is rather a question of mind and it is almost impossible to play well if we are not positive, relaxed and enjoy the game.

So it is clear that if we feel good before start playing, everything will go better and we can enjoy the game more.

Our home plays a very important part in our well-being and capability to relax. Well, Engel & Völkers Altea can offer, from our portfolio, a range of housing in proximity to golf courses,
for example this apartment luxury-apartment-golf 
or this penthouseluxury-penthouse-golf in excellent facilities and a quiet environment with grand pools for relaxation. Some large terraces, with stunning views, that almost takes your breath away, gives all that is needed to be able to be positive and relaxed on the golf course.