Historic Florentine Soccer

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The historic Florentine soccer, also known as soccer in costume, dates back to the ancient times. In many cities of Tuscany, old traditions such as the palio of Siena are still alive. In these ancient games various districts of the city compete with each other.


The historic Florentine soccer is a sport which has elements of modern rugby and soccer/football. Therefor it is considered the ‘father’ of soccer.


The games are always played in the beautiful square of Santa Croce according to a regulation of 33 articles. This regulation was summarized by Giovanni Bardi and dates back to the year of 1580.


The tournament takes place in the month of June and beholds three games, two heats and one final. The final game always take place on the 27th of June in occasion of the annual celebration of San Giovanni, the patron saint of Florence.


During the tournament four historic district compete with each other, dressing up in the colour of their neighbourhood;


Bianchi of Santo Spirito                                      Azzurri of Santa Croce

Rossi of Santa Maria Novella                               Verdi of San Giovanni



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