Home sweet home in Andratx

You’ve chosen your property on Mallorca because this place is just what you need. Here you can relax in your villa, enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and return to your new house in a good mood from any trip.

Puerto Andratx is, the name gives it away, a picturesque small village right at the sea. Here, boat aficionados can marvel at small ships and luxurious yachts to their heart’s content. After an unhurried boat trip the seafront is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely stroll with maritime flair.


A house in Andratx with a terrace and sea view

Sea view from a house in Andratx


You’re in the mood for more of a beach? There are some beaches in Andratx, but if you prefer larger beaches to get your tan on, simply rent a car. The beaches of Camp de Mar, Paguera, Carla Fornells or San Telmo can easily be reached by car in just a few minutes.


If you’re an artist or an art connoisseur, you should not for any reason miss out on the Andratx cultural center (Centro Cultural Andratx). Here you’ll find an inspiring intercultural exchange. Be it calm paintings, impressive installations or photos of a moment in time – within these rooms, art is constantly reborn.


There are three to four exhibitions each year, and international artist from all over the world travel here to present their works to the Mallorcan public. This always gives rise to a vivid exchange of ideas, combining multiple perspectives on the world, allowing them to be expressed. You’ll quickly notice that art can build bridges, and these bridges quickly become perceivable for attendees.


One final, helpful piece of advice: If you want to visit someone and are surprised that you can’t find a name on the doorbell anywhere, that’s because in Spain, only story and location of the flat are written on the door, never the family name. But in time, you’ll get used to this little idiosyncrasy.


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