Your House in Belgium – Nivelles

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Your Real Estate agent knew exactly what you would like, when he showed you a property with a matching piece of land and apartment in Belgium. Your villa will now be located in Nivelles, a piece of the Belgian Province. Surrounded by other large Properties, your piece of Real Estate is the most splendid one!


You’d love to start your new life in Nivelles immediately! For you, there is nothing better than to initiate this long-awaited beginning with a game of golf! The Golf Club Chateau de la Tournette in Nivelles is designed to fit your needs: The lawn is well playable, the environment is tasteful and surrounded by nature.


Front View of a spacious villa in Nivelles overlooking the outdoor pool and landscaped garden

A Dream Villa, Nivelles, Belgium


You’ve earned yourself a chance to relax, whether it’s during a first-class game of golf at the Golf Club Chateau de la Tournette or while having a small coffee in your dream house. Fun and sports are simply a part of your new life in Nivelles!


Furthermore, cultural sights and attractions also make up a part of your everyday life outside of your villa. For many people it may seem natural to get information on the Belgian culture and especially about Nivelles. However, you don’t see this form of education as a nice side effect of living in Belgium – Make culture a special event! For example, you could simply plan a trip to the Spring fountain – Fontaine du Perron.


You don’t even need to take your camera – essentially photos of a fountain are nothing special, yet what makes this Fountain so unique is its past and its history.


Things like these, you will neither be able to capture in a photo, nor make them tangible any other way. Your own research and individual thinking is requested here. The past becomes past in your mind at first.


Nowadays, the fountain is an official landmark and is ready for your visit after a lengthly and detailed restoration process. The fountain can be found at a market place – it’s easy to find and recognize from afar.


Once you’ve gathered enough information, the Fontaine du Perron will become something extraordinary.


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