A house for you in Camp de Mar

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On Mallorca Island in Camp de Mar, life and living is just like a big dream – exactly as big as its properties! The villas and fincas here are extraordinary, as well as the surroundings of Camp de Mar, that invite for pure relaxation.


Liliana and Pedro just purchased a vacation home on Mallorca and share the story of their house purchase:


Villa in Camp De Mar in minimalistic style with sun terrace and view of the sea

Luxurious villa directly by the sea, Camp de Mar, Mallorca


Liliana elaborates while wearing her prett colorful sun hat, that “We’ve come to visit Camp de Mar every year for the summer with the kids. For the children, this vacation was like coming home every single time. Even weeks prior to the actual holidays, they started happily picking out their suitcases and were scouting the stores for sunscreen lotion on each shopping trip.


They just couldn’t wait to get on this plane! At the luggage pick up, the kids even exchanged a few proud Spanish words with the employees at the airport. My husband and I were thoroughly impressed by this experience. Just how natural this foreign language has become for the kids was astounding. From this moment forward, we actively and consciously decided to purchase a house in Spain for our family.”


Pedro takes over the conversation: “We used to rent a different beautiful finca on Mallorca for each vacation – for a month’s length. Camp de Mar was simply a location we liked a lot. It’s modest, pleasant

and yet you can have a ton of fun here. The many beaches are perfect for the kids, they can live it up here and I can read my newspaper in full relaxation without being distubed by other vacationists.


If we wanted to do something else, other than going to the beach, theres plenty of opportunities to be happy and excited here: Riding Horses, Catamarans or even golfing. We never get bored here!.


The house we’ve ultimately chosen matches our lifestyle perfectly. It will be our holiday finca for every year in the summer time. Most likely, we’ll take a vacation more, if we already own a house on Mallorca.”


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