A House in Camp de Mar

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It’s on Mallorca Island that you’ve finally come across a Property that you truly like. The house is exactly as you would want it. Furthermore, you’ve acquired one of the Villas, here in Camp de Mar, that reminds you of the many gorgeous holiday homes, where you have spent so many yearly vacations by yourself or with your family.


Yet, this house, which you’ll be able to call home from now on, is much better than all the holiday homes: You can set up the whole Property just the way you’d like it. The garden around the villa can be designed around your wife’s ideas – with a colorful carpet of flowers and the sun in your heart.


This is the way to start the new period in your life! In Camp de Mar is where you have found a location, that’s not absorbed by tourists – here, silence is more important than crazy parties or jam-packed tourist attractions. In other words, Mallorca is much more than a place of mental distractions and tanning at an overcrowded beach.


View of a country house made ​​of natural stone in Camp de Mar with a spacious pool and mediterranean plants.

Mediterranean Natural Stone Country Home, Camp De Mar, Mallorca


With the purchase of your Property, you’ve acquired the place for your future, including anything and everything that comes with it: Your hopes and dreams, fears and aspirations.

The model of temporary fun, accompanied by random attractions that only serve temporary holiday guests is a thing of the past in Camp De Mar.


Instead, new impulses are entering your life: Enjoy the fine sand beaches of Camp De Mar in peace. No false pretenses, free of strange or unfamiliar influences. Nobody is going to disturb your relaxation while it’s just the sea and yourself. Here is where you’ll be able to finally find yourself again.


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