A house of your dreams in Valldemossa on Mallorca!

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Valldemossa is the place for your property! Look forward to an exciting time in your home. Whether its a cozy finca or a magnificent villa – the most important thing is that you feel comfortable on Mallorca. Mallorca’s surroundings design your life as much as your home, when you return to your villa in the evenings.


Villa in Valldemossa with indirect lighting, pool and terrace with an awning

Villa for relaxing, Valldemossa, Mallorca


The first thing you have seen of Valldemossa were the impressive mountains of Serra de Tramuntana. The mountain in all its fissures and rocks immediately looked like a great adventure and whetted your spirit of discovery .


How often do you sail at Puerto de Valldemossa with your little boat across the transparent shimmering waters and thoughtfully observe the nature. Here, you can still feel how important the originality of the environment truly is. You are proud to know that all is done by some attentive people to protect the natural site and attach a certain aspect of honor to it: Since 2011, the mountain range is a UNESCO Heritage Site.


Yet, not just nature reserves a certain amount of value in Valldemossa – people-bred culture is also admired here just as much by many: In the cultural center Costa North you can learn many interesting aspects about Mallorca.


Since you’ve been living in your finca, you acquired a whole new, positive attitude towards the culture of the place. You have noticed how closely the history, culture and nature are interconnected. All these great little things and the people are thus contributing to a comprehensive way of life that specifies Valldemossa .


Living in Valldemossa is not just about having a stylish villa, but also being connected with the environment. Because soon, you’ll also be part of Valldemossa, just like the Serra de Tramuntana.


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