Your house on Ibiza

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The luxurious villas, the tastefully decorated houses, the high-spirited people of Ibiza – all this led you to buy a property here.


You home is now on Ibiza! The Isle of “the rich and beautiful” has gained another person, who’s also rich and beautiful – and that’s you! After a long search for the one and only  villa that fits you perfectly and distinctively, you’ve finally found an exclusive house.

Fantastic view at a stone cliff right next to the sea on Ibiza, connected to a villa

Oceanside villa in Ibiza

While Ibiza is well known for it’s excessive day and night partying, it’s nothing new to you – you consider every day worthy of celebration, and every moment worthy of appreciation. That’s why you’ve especially come to love the limestone caves of Cova de Can Marca.


Right after moving into the villa, you headed out with your backpack, camera, and a little picnic for the road. The limestone cave is located in the northern parts of the island. The caves are well air-conditioned and especially the way the individual rocks are illuminated will have you inevitably hold your breath.


It’s from the inside of this cave that you’ll find a lovely view of the nearby located islands of Ferradura and Murada. You don’t even need to take a picture of this unique view – You will always remember it, that’s just how incredibly beautiful the view here is.


The cave experience is so immersive and defining, that you can easily explore the caves a second time. You couldn’t possibly discover all the little details of the cave in one trip. You simply have to come back – look forward to many cave explorations, both old and new.

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