Your house in Paseo Marítimo on Mallorca

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A property on Mallorca, at the Paseo Marítimo – you couldn’t have made a better choice. And it certainly didn’t come easy with the many fincas and villas around here. But you made the right decision.


All over the island of Mallorca you’ll find well-established “portos”. But the marina at the Paseo Maritimo can shine with lively surroundings that you won’t find in all ports on Mallorca: The waterside promenade is perfectly suited for getting your day off to a good start. Away from your villa, in one of the beautiful restaurants, bars or cafés you can pick a delicious “cafe con leite”. Coffee in the right hand, smartphone in the left – that way you can casually have a look at the countless skippers, racing yachts, and catamarans.

Penthouse with a terrace and a pool and a view on the harbour at the Paseo Maritimo

Penthouse with harbour view, Paseo Maritimo, Mallorca

Here you’ll find those boat enthusiasts who, in addition to exclusive real estate, can also afford their own, premium boat. Even the laymen who don’t know anything about ships and boats can have fun lingering at the marina for a while. Quality, of course, has its price – you’ll be left breathless when you see these gargantuan ships. It’s no wonder some of the proud owners pay as much attention to their yacht as they do to their own wife.  


If you wish to have an especially daring day and don’t just want to get a tan, but also live a little, be bold and try a speedboat ride. Don’t be discouraged, some of the experiments you see speed boat drivers do look a little dangerous, but you shouldn’t let that sap your determination to ride along on such a boat. Close your eyes, take a deep breath of the fresh sea breeze, and go on a tour. All around you there are other speedboat enthusiasts who can show you how much fun such a ride can be. Borrow suitable clothing, add a helmet for adequate protection, and off you go.


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