A house in Porto Cristo for naval enthusiasts

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You’ve finally found the right property for you and your family. This villa has room for all and your children are continually amazed at the beauty of the house in which they’re living. The family weekend trips are just as much a part of your life on Mallorca as your little jog to wake up in the morning.


View over Porto Cristo and the ocean from the exterior of a villa

Villa with a wide view, Porto Cristo, MallorcaF

Your children have always enjoyed riding pedalos – on every family trip they get to choose the brightest, most colourful pedalo with the funniest name. If just choosing the right choice of a tiny boat fills your children with such immense joy, how will they feel when they stand before the enormous, overwhelming yacht harbour “Club Nautico” in Porto Cristo? The marina lies in Cala Manacor Bay.


If you really want to surprise your children, take them on a trip to see this ostentatious yacht harbour. Just like those little pedalos, these ships carry adorable and silly names like “aventurero” or “serpiente de mar”. Be it powered catamarans, motor yachts or sailing yachts, these ships are guaranteed to make any nautical enthusiast’s heart leap for joy.


With so many magnificent ships around, you simply need to take it in for a while, to really allow this view to take effect. The turquoise water almost allows you to see to the bottom of the ocean. Even though all the yachts are enormous, your children will feel safe in this marina. You feel the soft wind in your hair and smell the sunscreen on your skin. Here you can truly realise what it means to be able to spend a great day with your family.


After having a look at all the boats, the sun is probably bearing down on you – after all, there’s not a whole lot of shade to be found. Right next to the yacht harbour there is a small sandy beach, where you’re sure to find spot for bathing. Even though the beach is not that big, you and your children can find some rest in the cool waters.


And afterwards, many gourmet restaurants offer a wide array of specialities you and your children can look forward to.


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