A house in Sóller on Mallorca – your safe haven

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Having bought your new property in Sóller, there’s much that needs to be taken care of for your perfect start into a happy life on Mallorca. Your finca isn’t just a place to live comfortably, it also brings with it certain responsibilities for you – to ensure that you and your family can life a relaxing yet safe life here.

Comfortable living room with red armchairs, a fireplace, and a great view in a villa in Sóller

A villa in which to feel home, Sóller, Mallorca

Among these is, for example, knowing where the ayuntamiento (city hall) and the nearest hospital in Sóller are located. Because it’s often not easy to keep calm in an emergency, so it’s a good idea to be prepared and get to know these things beforehand, taking all the time you need.


On Mallorca there are public hospitals, but you can of course also opt for treatment in a private hospital. Depending on your wishes and motivations, you really should think about which is the best option for you ahead of time.

But it’s no reason to be afraid: Simply be a role model for your children and explain to them to always watch their step on the beach – the sting of a sea urchin into a little foot can easily become infected if it’s not treated properly.


Tell your children kindly, but firmly, to wait a little before they head for a refreshing dip into the sea after a meal. This simple piece of advice can easily save you a trip to the closest hospital.


Once you’ve taken care of the most essential things for an ordered life in Sóller, you’re ready to completely start anew here. You’ve truly earned it! It’s much easier to relax knowing that you’re prepared for any emergency.


Sóller almost compels you to enjoy perfect rest and relaxation: After you’ve shown your children how to set up a sunshade, you can finally kick back and watch your them build sandcastles in the sand.


And you can treat yourself to this luxury every day – here, you’ll find a slice of paradise tailor-made just for you. You merely have to keep your eyes open to really notice and appreciate these special yet subtle details of a fulfilling life.


You can find the unique real estate portfolio for Sóller and environs here.