Inca – your new home in Mallorca

You’re sitting and relaxing in your Finca with your whole family, enjoying the luxury of your very own property. Finally you’ve found your dream villa and are looking forward to a new life together in Inca.


An exclusive apartment in Inca with luxurious furniture on a terrace with a pool and trees in the background

Look at a pool from a terrace, Inca, Mallorca


In your free time it almost feels like a vacation, thanks to the family-friendly atmosphere. Here, every day off is like a short vacation. Especially your wife has come to know and love the pedestrian zone in the historic district: Numerous leather goods stores and souvenir shops downright tempt her to stick around and browse a little through the many colourful trinkets. On the Thursday market “Dijo Bo”, she always finds fresh oranges for your morning orange juice, and, of course, some fruit for a little break in between.


It’s not enough for you if your wife can stroll relaxedly through the historic district, a coffee in her hand? You’re a little bit nervous because you have the feeling you’re not living enough? Actually, you don’t need to be a master inventor to find a new, promising experience to focus on: Spain and Portugal are famous for their dangerous corridas – their bullfights! It’s not just Madrid or Malaga that feature bullfighting arenas, Inca also offers a spectacular bullfighting show.


It’s really worth it to be a spectator at a bullfight at least once in your life. You’ll be bolted to your seats and watch the matador as if transfixed. He plays an important role from the start: with the help of a magenta cape, the capote, he provokes the bull. Left, right, forward, left again – your eyes will be glued to the red cape and the enraged animal. This is where time stands still and you will experience the shortest and longest seconds of your life at the same time.


The matador is just a tiny, colourful flea with a red piece of cloth, compared to this beast of a bull. As funny as it might sound at first glance: Your and especially your wife’s heart may literally skip a beat at some of these aggressive bull charges. So think carefully on whether your nerves can stand such a bloodthirsty fight.


However, after this battle you will understand: You really should watch a bullfight at least once in your life.


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