Inside Engel & Völkers: Interview with Georg Petras

01_Interview_With_Georg_PetrasGeorg Petras, born in Stuttgart, is in charge of the Engel & Völkers office in Rhodes. He has successfully defied the difficult economic crisis in Greece and, in the last year, has already sold twice as many plots and villas as in the year 2012.

1. What was your biggest challenge that you faced at Engel & Völkers?

The first expected biggest challenge was, as the first licence partner on a Greek island, to develop a new and interesting market and to make it known far and beyond the borders. Then the actual real biggest challenge was the strongest economic crisis of a country in Europe after the 2nd World War, i.e. the economic crisis in Greece.

2. Would you become a licence partner of Engel & Völkers again and if so, why?

Yes, without any doubt whatsoever. I am convinced about the licence at Engel & Völkers. I am sure that we would have achieved less without the strong brand name, also in relation to media attention. Because the crisis is ever-present since opening the office in Rhodes in April 2010, we can only guess as to how things would have developed “normally” without the use of mass marketing and PR. Having an established and known market behind us has helped me a lot.

3. How is the property market developing and evolving in Rhodes?

The fact is that the market, following the major slumps and downturns, which are inconceivable for Germany or other countries, is now recovering again. I have the feeling that, after the record year of 2013 in the tourism sector and the expected new record year of 2014, Greece and especially the Greek islands are again “in vogue”. Many, who had been reluctant to invest here, must now stay on the ball not to possibly miss out on a profitable investment opportunity.

4. What do you like most about your job?

The opportunity to build on locations, to flourish despite or possibly because of strictly regulated specifications and to make a difference with the strong brand name behind us. In conjunction with the very good support as a whole, especially licence partner support from the head office and press office, which makes it a lot of fun to lead a motivated team, albeit a little late… :-), to success!