Interior Trend: Chalet

Interior Trend: ChaletAs winter begins thoughts turn to evenings spent in warm, inviting interiors, filled with luxurious soft furnishings and plush decorative touches. Chalet chic epitomises this charming style, composed of classic, welcoming decor that suits a sophisticated elegant and relaxed lifestyle. Hallmarks of the aesthetic include rustic features, such as exposed beams and wooden furniture, evoking a calming sense of the natural world. Other essential components are sumptuous details like deep-pile rugs, downy cushions and heavy curtains in rich materials. The centrepiece of any chalet chic room is a fireplace, often made up of rough-hewn stone or elegant hardwood. The look brings an intimacy to open-plan living spaces, as well as building on the comfort of snug rooms. Here are some of the fundamental elements of the trend, which help to create the perfect canvas for stylish winter living.

Focus on fires

Fireplaces are the natural focal point of chalet-inspired interiors, providing much-needed warmth during the winter months as well as embodying its cosy aesthetic. This Swiss apartment’s stately fireplace, sitting in an opulently furnished living area illustrates how they can be incorporated into such settings. The taupe couches are carefully laid out to draw the eye towards the fireplace, whilst the beige carpet reflects its earthy tones. To add to this refined, homely feel, firewood can be attractively laid out along a wall, creating storage as well as capitalising on the visual appeal of sawn timber grain. 

Wood accents

Wood exudes strength and simplicity, recalling rugged alpine landscapes. Resilient Scandinavian woods like larch and pine are ideal for timber panelled walls, the effect of which is exemplified by this Gstaad chalet in the Swiss Alps. The multi-tonal cladding in the bathroom and bedroom evokes a cocoon-like feel, whilst sleek marble flooring and a snow white rug complement the wood in a restrained fashion. This harmonious balance of textures and tones establishes a calm space, the perfect setting for taking an indulgent bath in the oversized tub.

Warm furnishings

The best way to bring warmth into a chalet chic interior is through decadent furnishings rather than wall colours, as cool, minimalist greys and whites work so beautifully against timber backgrounds. Look for blankets and throws in soft fabrics like wool and cashmere to personalise the space, and lay out luxuriant rugs on top of wooden floors. Faux fur or shearling can also be used to create a comforting contrast between the room and the wintry outdoors. 

Abundant lighting

A well-thought-out lighting scheme is particularly important when designing a chalet-style interior, as it needs to take into account the light-absorbing qualities of any timber details. Generous windows and glass roof panels allow light to flood the room during the daytime hours, giving the style an airy and contemporary edge. This Tyrolean house makes full use of natural brightness with its large windows, whilst using spotlights in the spa area to create pools of light. These help to open up the space without losing its sense of cosiness, added to by the yellow tone of the tiles. 


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