Interior Trend: Industrial Lamps

Interior Trend: Industrial LampsConverted warehouse apartments continue to be highly desirable investments, thanks to their spacious interiors and a wealth of ‘blank canvas’ potential. This year’s design trends reflect the rise of the industrial penthouse, with minimalist decor, chiaroscuro colour contrasts and lacquered metallic fixtures recurring in many high-end properties throughout Europe, Hong Kong and the United States. In particular, the industrial lamp is increasingly becoming a crucial centrepiece for open plan living spaces and loft conversions.

The rising popularity of industrial lamps has become big business for lighting experts, as lamps salvaged from factories and warehouses are skillfully refurbished for residential use. Reproduction industrial lighting is similarly popular, and both can be used to stunning effect in homes with a complementary aesthetic. Pendants painted in primary shades give a more contemporary feel, whilst purists might prefer unpolished metal. These vintage accents can be incorporated into any colour scheme, and work particularly well in homes that already feature industrial elements such as exposed brick walls or floor-to-ceiling windows. These lamps can add an urban edge to almost any room, but should be utilised differently in different spaces. In kitchens and studies, smaller hanging lamps can be effective when rigged in a line above a breakfast island or bar, while oversized standing lamps will be best suited to lounges or entrance halls.

This loft apartment, located in Vienna’s prestigious second district, is an ideal representation of how industrial lighting can be used in a fusion of old and new design styles. An overhanging lamp introduces a stark vintage element to the open plan lounge, while the Intelligent Home BUS System puts the lighting and shading controls at the owner’s fingertips. Set against a backdrop of soft furnishings and a muted grey rug, the metallic lamp introduces an industrial edge, which seems fitting in a district once dominated by merchants and craftsmen. Its curved design provides a gentle contrast to the sharp asymmetric lines of the apartment’s architectural layout.

This apartment in London’s affluent Kensigton Garden neighbourhood offers an alternative take on the trend, taking advantage of the bare brick façades of surrounding properties to complement its minimalist design. Divers pendant lamps make an eye catcher and create a pleasant and modern living. 

Two different approaches to working vintage-style lamps into interior design are used in this Antwerp penthouse, where the industrial lighting perfectly chimes with the busy harbour setting of the property. In the kitchen, a cuboid pendant light fixture stands above the worktop, its clean lines contributing to the chic utilitarian design of the room. In the expansive lounge and dining area, an oversized lamp makes a bold design statement. Amidst shaggy rugs and earthy wood, the lacquered metallic surface of the lamp immediately demands attention; an unapologetic industrial presence in an otherwise cosy setting. In a communal living space, distinctive industrial lamps like this one can be delightfully theatrical, creating warm pools of light throughout the room.

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