Interior trend: luxury bathroom taps

Interior trend: luxury bathroom tapsBathrooms can often be neglected during interior design projects, with the greater creative freedom associated with decorating a living room or bedroom often pushing these more practical spaces to the bottom of the agenda. However, a beautifully designed and well-thought out bathroom can easily meld aesthetic brilliance with pragmatic purpose. The luxury bathroom taps that are increasingly a feature of many high-end homes succinctly exemplify this trend.

Moving away from rigid, symmetrical shapes and cubic designs, these taps are inspired by the natural world, with environmentally-friendly features and soft lines designed to fit intuitively to the user’s hand. Waterfall showerheads have replaced conventional wall mounted styles, imitating the immersive sensation of rainfall, with copper, gold and bright white fittings particularly popular.

Minimalism is the definitive ethos behind these fittings; their simple, timeless features are intended to blend as seamlessly as possible with their surroundings. Electronic, sensor-operated faucets are emerging as a cutting-edge alternative to traditional taps, as technology works in harmony with design to eliminate the need for manual handles. Growing awareness around water wastage has inspired systems with in-built resistance, automatically decreasing the volume of water used. Both inspired by and designed to serve the natural world, these taps are easily integrated into luxurious minimalist bathrooms.

The bathroom in this stylish French Riviera villa epitomises the current trend for organic shapes and sleek, simplistic design. Rustic stone flooring is complemented by sloping, shallow oval sinks and a coordinating bath, inspired by the pebbles of the surrounding beaches. The curved faucets slip effortlessly into place in this pared-back bathroom, with asymmetric levers adding a gently idiosyncratic touch.

This grand property in Munich’s historic old town uses an alternative palette to highlight the silver-toned taps as standout features. The bath’s chic freestanding controls stand out against the vibrant coral walls, and the shower benefits from two waterfall showerheads, as well as a handheld fitting. In contrast, the bathroom of this Majorca mansion plays on a uniform colour palette. A dramatic floor-to-ceiling window looks out onto a breathtaking ocean and hillside vista, and the muted interior design draws the eye straight towards the view. Stone-coloured walls and a vintage-style, hose-shaped faucet neatly complete this luxurious interior.

Sleek rectangular cabinets and dark wooden tones characterise this Colombian apartment bathroom. Fixings are equally sophisticated in both appearance and function; a pair of polished metallic faucets replaces two-part taps with a subtle lever control, lending the fitting a contemporary appeal. This state-of-the-art Hong Kong property pushes the modern aesthetic even further with a show-stopping exposed brick wall. Its industrial sensibility makes it the ideal backdrop for the chrome waterfall showerhead, and this design approach is carried through to the simplistic, tube-like basin tap.

Finally, the bathroom of this Milanese loft conversion is a prime example of how well luxury taps suit minimalist interiors. A freestanding faucet hovers over the neutral-toned bath, with unobtrusive controls lined up beside it. Again, these fittings are designed to fit in as naturally as possible with their surroundings, and their simplicity accomplishes this effortlessly.

Consistently ahead of design trends, we ensure the interiors of all our exclusive properties perfectly match our clients’ tastes. For more information on our range of stunning luxury homes located across the world, visit the Engel & Völkers website.

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