Interior trend: Luxury dining room styles

Interior trend: Luxury dining room stylesWhether your dining room is more used to hosting lavish parties, intimate dinners or everyday family meals, there’s no denying that this is one of the most important rooms in any house. The decor, layout and even size of your dining room can reveal a lot about your family and lifestyle, so it’s important to work closely with a designer to ensure that your aesthetic provides an accurate reflection. The focal point will always be the table and chairs, but within that remit, there’s plenty of scope to explore different themes and influences. Once you’ve set the stylistic tone, start looking into light fittings, works of art, cabinets and other bespoke pieces to perfect your decor. To help inspire you, we’ve selected four properties with exemplary dining rooms, each designed in a unique and elegant style.

Traditional and artistic
A grand dining room is decorated with precious porcelain, velvet-coated furniture and oriental rugs on fine parquet. This decor certainly does not suit every property, but for well-kept and carefully restored properties such as this Flemish palace it is a perfect fit. Antique furniture and Versailles panel parquet are absolutely timeless, and even tones such as cream and light blue, are reminiscent of Versailles. In the summer, the room will be flooded with sunlight thanks to ceiling-height windows, whilst in winter the elegant fireplace will provide cosiness and warmth. The oil paintings pick out the colours in the curtains and gold-edged stucco works, a beautiful alternative to this were the family portraits. The splendid chandeliers and fresh flowers give the arrangement a sense of vibrancy.

Contemporary comfort
In this coastal Mallorcan villa, pastel shades and a minimalist aesthetic keep the focus on the stunning view afforded by the French doors at the end of the table. The stone flooring and curved armchairs lend a sense of opulent comfort to the room, with the angular, wooden dining table providing the perfect juxtaposition. The glass sideboard and hanging chandeliers are particularly fitting in this seaside property, evoking the natural lines of the beach below.

In this modern Belgian penthouse, similar techniques are used to complement the contemporary, urban surroundings. An electric fireplace dominates the space, with an open-plan layout placing the dining area conveniently close to both a kitchen island and cosy sofas. Delicate cut glass bowls, charcoal upholstered chairs, a low hanging pendant light and pale wooden flooring complete this sharp and sophisticated design.

Sleek minimalism
In warmer climates, heavy interior features will look out of place. Instead, take inspiration from this palatial, airy north Mallorcan villa, which uses a refreshing palette of bright white and vibrant citrus, with sleek chairs surrounding a glass-topped dining table. Wide windows and a futuristic standing lamp ensure that the room will always feel light and open, with the modern art on the wall adding an individual touch. In this setup, the fresh flowers form an integral part of the overall impression, so never forget to add a centrepiece to your table.

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