Interior trend: panoramic views

Interior trend: panoramic viewsSince location is often said to be the crucial factor in most property purchases, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of a truly spectacular panoramic view irresistibly swaying a prospective buyer. If you’re fortunate enough to possess a property with picture-postcard views, it’s important to ensure that the design of your home fully maximises the natural potential that surrounds you. Whether you’re looking out over a mediaeval city, an urban sprawl or a sunlit coastline, there are a few simple design rules you can follow to ensure that your home acts as a suitably awe-inspiring observatory.

Simplicity is key if your aim is to draw visitors’ eyes to the panorama outside your windows. Muted colours, clean lines and well selected textures can all be used to successfully accomplish this. Castillo Mallorca, a magnificent Mallorcan estate, provides a prime example of how to use colour appropriately. While gently arched openings provide uninterrupted views straight out from the rooms to the sea below, a muted colour scheme works with the natural shades of the landscape, subtly complementing them with faded yellows, pale blues and delicate greys. By never trying to compete with the vibrant colours of the Port Andratx peninsula, the property blends harmoniously with the splendour that surrounds it.

A minimalist ethos can also work well in a city setting. Although your instinct may be to follow the dominant architectural style, this apartment in St. Petersburg makes a statement with a bold interior that capitalises on its vantage point above the historic city. The façade of the building has been carefully preserved to blend with its surroundings, but inside, the design uses modern techniques to make the most of its prime location. The straight lines of the private outdoor terrace lead the eyes directly to St. Isaac’s Cathedral just a few rooftops away, while an open plan living area and large windows create a sense of space and light.

In this Parisian apartment, large windows frame a beautiful scene of Paris with its Eiffel Tower, which is gloriously illuminated at night. The clean furnishings commit all attention to the view, while the metallic balcony forms a more concrete aesthetical link between the view and the vantage point.

The same principle has been applied to this Santa Monica penthouse, exchanging the dominant presence of the Tower for the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Out on the terrace, the poolside chaise longues are designed in a curved style that mimics the waves crashing on the beach below, while the clean, straight line of the low glass wall sits just above the line of the horizon.

For more urban, industrial views, a sharp modern aesthetic can often provide the best frame. In this apartment in Antwerp, the numerous square windows let in plenty of light and provide subtly different snapshots of the marina below. The pristine white décor with steel detailing works to keep the apartment bright, even on a grey day, with industrial lamps completing the edgy, utilitarian look.

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