Interior Trend: The perfect children’s room

Interior Trend: The perfect children's roomCreating a safe and appealing bedroom for children and teens is important, as this often becomes the special space where they can express themselves. It shouldn’t just be a place for sleep, but somewhere they can spend time with friends, practice their hobbies, show off their personality and let their imaginations run wild. Giving them this personal area doesn’t have to be a complicated project involving elaborate redesigns and a lot of work. Here are some simple ways to create a fun, relaxing and inspiring environment they’ll love spending time in.

Embrace their personality

Most children will relish the chance to get creative and will want to have a say in how their room is arranged, so enlist their help in the design process. You might not want to let them pick out the wallpaper, but encourage them to produce their own artwork, which you can frame and display as a mini gallery alongside special family photos. In younger children’s nurseries, try more playful decorations like those on the walls of this bedroom. The eclectic collection juxtaposes charming personal touches, like a miniature yellow kite with a teddy bear. Teens can include their interests as a theme, with music posters, a mini basketball hoop for a budding athlete, or an easel. A wall covered in chalkboard paint is a great way to get artists of any age scribbling without making a mess.

Create different zones

Help your child distinguish between study, play and bedtime by creating distinct zones in their room. Place a colourful rug under their toy boxes to create a play area, and make a relaxing bedtime reading spot with a soft beanbag and bookshelves. Adding a desk will help school-age children get into the habit of working independently. Make sure they have a sturdy chair, adjustable lighting and a visible clock so they can learn healthy study habits early.

Think colourful

Keep the main colour scheme light, fresh and natural to give the space a soothing feel. Try a pastel blue, lilac or green to make the room feel cheerful and airy, adding brighter splashes with soft furnishings, as in this nursery. Ivory walls and light wooden flooring balance perfectly with the rose-hued curtains and bedstead, upholstered in plush pink fabric. Soft textures and gentle lighting will add to the restful atmosphere that’s important for a good night’s sleep. A relaxing room fragrance, such as myrrh, geranium or lavender, can also help them drift off more easily.

Make storage fun

Giving a child their own bedroom is a great way to teach them how to store and care for their belongings, and how to keep a living space tidy. Colour code boxes for different types of toys, pin pictures of clothing items on the front of drawers, and look out for novelty cupboards that will appeal to their sense of playfulness, such as reconstructed school lockers. For young children, you can also use furniture and accessories as teaching tools: put a times table poster up on the wall, or choose specially designed furniture, like this alphabet chest of drawers.
Getting every member of the family involved in interior design is a fun way to personalise your property. When you need inspiration, Engel & Völkers provide up-to-the-minute advice on contemporary trends, and ensure that your new home has everything you’re looking for.


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